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C Drive Not Recognized On 486

Report • Start a discussion Ask Your QuestionEnter more details...Thousands of users waiting to help!Ask now Weekly Poll Do you think Facebook needs a Virtual Reality team? Advanced Search Forum PressF1 old 486 laptop not detecting Hard drive How fast is your internet? However, Ghost and Drive Image must be able to read the "bad" drive's partition. Reboot into setup and try the auto detects again. http://linux4newbie.com/c-drive/c-drive-full-d-drive-empty-windows-7.html

As the scope of this article is freeing the most memory using official tools it is beyond our scope but if officiality isn't a concern and you feel you want to Just like that! I appreciate the compliment. it either works or it doesn't. http://www.computing.net/answers/hardware/need-bootdisk-and-wont-recognize-hdd/84215.html

The fellow who had built it for him was an IBM technician and gave him the hair dryer idea because that is what IBM used to do to restart the drives Try rebooting. everything puts a * on the screen except for the Y key...) Looks like I am goosed for now, as it's one of those 5 DIN pin keyboards and I'v no And i've changed the boot sequence to A:, C:.I'm gonna upload some pictures of the problem soon.

The bios will not auto detect on its own as more modern computers do. Gives you a backup and allows you to extract files that frequently aren't even accessible on a corrupt drive in a DOS or Windows session when attempting data recovery. Paddan1000 Member Posts: 120Joined: 2009-5-24 @ 13:31Location: Sweden Top Reply with quote Re: IDE to Compact Flash as MS-DOS boot drive. This the official memory manager and the only one I'll be covering here.

The display, keyboard and A-Drive all work ok. by Old Thrashbarg » 2012-5-23 @ 00:08 Just be sure to hunt down a decent adapter as some are extremely slow. If they still do not spin, then you know for sure those drives are dead. you could try here Computer Information Links (http://www.geocities.com/paleopete/) jimclake01-07-2001, 02:10 PMToo many unknowns here (Is the I/O card good (btw, both the original I/O card (which is working OK) and the one I'm trying to

All rights reserved. I booted the system up and voila! If you see garbage, then the settings are probably not the same (or the FAT was corrupted). If that was fine, tap the drive lightly on the side to see if it spins up.

  • And what is geometry?
  • This will let you know if it is the embedded controller on the logic board.
  • Most have jumper settings to set them for primary or secondary, and IRQ/DMA channels to use.
  • Note that since the drive is not the boot drive and host operating system, all of the boot and operating system information are accessibl–e no "in use" files!
  • Then had it working with my DOS boot floppy with oak CD driver, but I unplugged the drive and configured the BIOS for my 1gb hard drive (didn't work anyway) and
  • That will eliminate most of the unknowns in one step, the only thing left will be getting the jumper settings right.
  • by sliderider » 2012-7-05 @ 20:11 Wouldn't it be better to run Windows from a regular hard drive and only use the CF for file storage?

Do you simply wish to recover some data or do you intend to put it to some sort of production use? I know there must be a difference between the two but I guess I just assumed if the board fit in a 16 bit ISA slot it would work just as DrivePro to set up the drive in the bios, and Tiramisu to retrieve the data. "Never believe everything you hear!" One thing to remember, listen to the problem the customer has, Reinstall the operating system without formatting the drive.

This was done by taking the cylinders, dividing the number in half, and then doubling the heads: Example: 1138 cylinders, 8 heads, 63 sectors–s this would translate to 569 cylinders, 16 http://linux4newbie.com/c-drive/c-drive-mystery.html by vetz » 2012-5-22 @ 21:55 I've tried this once, but the performance was awful. Tell us the make and model of your brand name system, or if you have a generic desktop system, the make and model of the mboard. Use static care procedures as always when working with computer parts.

Copy the data off ASAP and ditch the old drive to avoid the temptation to keep it as spare storage. Reformatted and back online the next day. The IDE controllers and drives from back then were awful compared to SCSI and later IDE ones. check my blog After you choose the options and go through the process memmaker should restart and ask you if everything seemed to load up fine.

There are alternatives such as JEMM and QEMM and so forth that from what I've read can free even more memory at the sake of slight compatibility. My Tandy didn't know about its hard disk. Visit the Web site of the hard drive vendor and download the latest version of the vendor's diagnostic program as well as information regarding drive's geometry and jumper options.

So if the hard drive was detected and the installer feels it needs formatted you'll get this option.

The ribbon cable determines how many drives you can use. Some cards require being initialized as hard drive mode as well. I've used both types, they work very well. Personally I stick to more tried and true conventional drives in my systems but I will use CF drives in lesser used or special purpose systems.

I have no definitive answer as to why. Free chip burning and electronics/cable/kit build services for active VOGONS members. If possible, would it be worth it? http://linux4newbie.com/c-drive/how-to-get-to-c-drive.html Cheers Liam 14-11-2002,05:39 PM #4 artpepper Guest Re: old 486 laptop not detecting Hard drive thanks people - it is an IPC laptop circa 1992 - AMIBIOS by American Megatrends BIOS

The above is predicated on the fact that the drive will spin up. I always assumed that all devices needed drivers...not so for IDE hard drives??? How to share a CDROM/DVDROM drive on a local network How Do I re- Install my CDROM drive? Hard Drive Recovery Tip From: Colle Davis The Hair Dryer Method For the last resort (when the drive really did die, it-is-not -even-spinning type crashes), there is a possible solution that

I'm a newbie at this upgrade business and am starting off with low cost, low end equipment as my learning process gets started!!! If the drive works in this system, but not in the original system, then perhaps the old system has more serious problems such as a bad IDE controller. If it can be accessed and files and directories can be viewed, now is a good time to back up files if the physical condition of the hard drive is suspect. Another thing to consider might be the possibility of investing in an EIDE controller, and make sure it has two IDE channels before spending any money.

Post a reply 26 posts • Page 1 of 2 • 1, 2 Reply with quote 486 maximum hard drive size by Soupdragon » 2012-3-09 @ 14:03 I want to fit most of which are not motorized-tray-types, IIRC.