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Can A Bad SMART "raw Read Error Rate" Ever Cause Reboots?

That's not true.WD, Seagate and Toshiba have different definitions for what hits the raw read error rate. Make sure your DNS and the ADS realm address settings are correct. Your software is just seeing that number and spitting out the error, which was designed for HDDs. KnightRT Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Mar 20, 1999Posts: 2622 Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 9:56 pm Speedfan has a drive statistics function that'll give you safe values for various SMART numbers.

I find the true health of a Disk Drive and its longevity is directly related to its pre installation handling. It's meant to give you some advanced warning of an impending drive failure. That’s answered by the next chart: This looks at the full time range of the study, and counts “drive years”. The error message in these lines will give you some clues.

And here is his explanation: "The raw values of the RRER attributes represent a sector count , not an error count. Another thing, I suspect my drive maybe low in benchmarks, turns out it is a simple statistical model problem. What file system does the ioSafe R4 use? Manually powering off the ioSafe R4 overrides the automatic Power-On feature.

Please see the Sharing your photos with ioSafe R4/ReadyNAS Photos article on the ReadyNAS homepage. Connect the ioSafe R4 and PC NIC using a straight or crossover Ethernet cable. Release the switch at the 2nd blink. firewall?

You can delete the existing volume and recreate one or more volumes, with each volume with different snapshot space and quota specification. Schedule these jobs so that they do not run at the same time. SMART goes here to get its reporting intervals too. http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?t=131068 I hereby authorize support personnel or authorized representatives of ioSafe, Inc.

but i'm curious where are you getting these smart values from ? Now this RMAed one has this situation going on. What's especially useful is that "scan" outputs an overview of the latency of the sectors it's scanning as it goes. Earlier RAIDiator releases do not support disk spindown.

  • If a certain event happens, then you get the warning if the probability of a crash is imminent to not so imminent.
  • Found it out right on search results.
  • More robust scheduled power-on.
  • In fact that's what happened when WD acquired SiliconSystems.
  • Upon battery-low condition, the ioSafe R4 will power down gracefully.
  • Verify that you can successfully access the USB drive share over the network when it is connected to the ioSafe R4.
  • Are you sure ALL the data on your drive is good ?
  • I googled the statement he gave me and guess what?
  • tl;dr - just make sure the drives are monitored (and the pool is scrubbed) so you're warned if things deteriorated.Click to expand...
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A "drive will fail in less than 24 hours" were correlated with SMART 5, but the adjusted R^2 was only 0.022, so while correlated it offered nearly zero predictive value. "Read https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/s-m-a-r-t-hdd-failure-how-to-repair.1595127/ Each case will be vary in price based on time spent. Worst keeps track of the worst the read error rate has ever been since the rate of read errors could go both up and down. If not, then what is the controller actually reporting?

What's wrong? I'm getting poor performance with my Mac. Thoughts? (I tried searching the forums for Raw_Read_Error_Rate but just found a lot of people posting their smartctl output... You may ask whether there is a correlation of power cycle count with failures because power cycle count correlates with age, and age correlates with failures.

S.M.A.R.T detection isn't really tat all smart... If it fails, you can RMA it and the problem is solved. RARELY does zeroing out the drive fix this anymore. phuzz Make a backup *right now*, then decide if you need to replace the drive.

Therefore, in order for the normalised value to hit the threshold of 51, the drive would need to record about 600,000 counts. tl;dr - just make sure the drives are monitored (and the pool is scrubbed) so you're warned if things deteriorated. does r="annual failure rate % " actually mean that n*exp(-r/100 t) have failed after t years?

SMART stats are inconsistent from hard drive to hard drive.

Verify that the user has the proper permissions to read from or write to the file. How many domain users can the ioSafe R4 handle? Look for abnormal counts in other fields, especially Reallocated Sector Ct and ATA Error Count. How come data copied to the ioSafe R4 does not maintain all the ACL permissions?

Tom Miller argusmonitor.com Tim Also check out HDparm to change the APM value of a drive (prevent head parking!) Andy Turner HDDGuardian has worked well for me Matthew Lichtenberger For Seagate Of the 4 replacement drives 2 were D.O.A. I also understand that ioSafe will have access to any and all data, including personal or confidential information, that might reside on my ioSafe equipment. And the current, worst, and thresh is a score of how low or high the current rate is compared to what the manufacture deems acceptable.Click to expand...

This future-proof technology allows you to continuously expand as higher-capacity disks become available. Make sure the ioSafe R4 has successfully joined the domain. Archive Bit backup is similar to how Windows perform its backups and is the preferred method for backing up Windows. Make sure you did not encounter multiple disk failures.

Occasionally we power cycle a Storage Pod for maintenance and on rare occasions we’ve had power failures, but generally, the drives just stay up. Good work WD. Start Today for Free About Us | Partners  Resources: External Drives | Hard Drive Stats | Backup Guide Backblaze ©. Why won't rsync retain my UIDs/GIDs?

This only takes a few minutes and then power is reapplied and everything cycles back up. Sent the 4 back to Newegg and they RMA'd without question. When I initially connect to a share, there is a long delay. Epox built POST cards into their motherboards - cars should come with the same thing.

Some hide it. The LCD panel will shut itself off after 5 minutes if there are no failure condition. First one died in exactly one year and three months. but i'll post it again..

Thanks everyone. Reefiasty Do not replace the drive just yet. Maybe contact tech support at WD and ask them what they think ? Bltserv Another really good piece of Information about a drive is "Power On Time" Its a Factory Log Page that can be looked at with software.

He is the one who participates in designing HDDs anyway. If you have forgotten the password recovery answer, you will need to perform a firmware re-installation to reset the admin password. Most drives last about 5 Years of Continous Operation. The home shares are created the first time users access the ioSafe R4.