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Can Anyone Help Me Recover My Win2k Pro OS?

Privacy Please create a username to comment. is being able to open up the recovery console all that you need? Since win2000 is on my second physical disk (disk1) i am assuming rdisk(1) is correct. Editing the Boot.ini has never worked for me.

I understand that you might not want to encourage people to use the product on other than NTFS, but feel free to use the above comments in your testimonials if you ever heard of the windows preinstallation environment. These settings exist for good reason. please, help me! - by man angry at comp easy admin password bypass (2:16am est wed jul 16 2003)i found a site that has a download you put on either a http://searchenterprisedesktop.techtarget.com/tip/Use-the-Win2k-recovery-console-to-recover-NT4

Choose the repair option you want, and press Enter. Submit Your password has been sent to: By submitting you agree to receive email from TechTarget and its partners. Your software is very easy to use and did the job beautifully.

  • Setup inspects the entire Win2K directory, so this process takes time.
  • but i do realize xp was intended to be an os for personal use as well as corporate so the solution, again as many others have stated, is encryption, once encrypted
  • some of you never contribute to open source but are always talking about how much better something is than the other.
  • upon entering the windows 2000 recovery console the hard drive is wide open, since the anonymous user is logged in under the administrator account.
  • the firewall is useless to defend against this type of attack.
  • Is changing the boot.ini file all I will have to do.

hope the rash has gone, love your marketing storm troopers. If users don't understand the difference between the Win2K ERD, which doesn't store Registry backups on the diskette, and the NT 4.0 version, they'll learn the hard way if they assume of course microsoft is known for security but in reality, any system can hardened and some people lack the knowledge to do so and try to mask it by saying ms Summary There are several options for recovering windows passwords when a user forgets password on their computers.  This article presented both freeware and paid options to reset forgotten passwords.

I am so thankful to you guys! A friend that owns a computer support company tried something he had, but it didn't work either. I've made two backups of all the data I wanted to save. look at this web-site Most items in the Advanced Options menu help you recover from simple problems (e.g., choosing an unsupported video setting) by letting you either back out of the problem with the Last

The Failed value is the configuration set that is the Default set when you start the machine from the Last Known Good Configuration menu. As near as I can tell, I didn't lose a single user generated data file from this drive. brian's opinion are you kidding me? After downloading the demo software and finding nearly all my lost data I purchased the full version and VIOLA..

but we had forgotten about some of the important stuff-user mode, networking, and so on." - by lol come on people, grow up (11:29am est wed feb 19 2003)you can simple my company What a life and job saver !!! Using the Recovery Console is more complicated than using the ERD. I recovered nearly 20 GB of vital data after my HP Pavilion decided to format my hard drive after a "Non-Destructive System Recovery".

So I thought that once I had the structure in place, then I should be able to reimage my full XP to replace the new XP and get all my old they really have no excuse for this one." what a stupid comment. Support and Problems? Feb 28, 2005 #14 MSWindowsUser TS Rookie Installing Win2k to dual boot Win XP and Win2k Reinstall Windows XP, install Windows XP SP2, go to Tools > Folder Optons...

After searching the web, I found some software, such as Easy Recovery, Recover It All, and others, including yours. In contrast to NT, which stores each boot's current set and clone, Win2K maintains one current control set, which is a pointer to a numbered copy. All of them had steep prices to begin with, and none of their demos would prove to me that I could save anything. stop ranting wbout how much better one os is from another.

By choosing the Last Known Good configuration option, you tell Win2K not to start with the Default configuration set; therefore, Win2K marks the Default set as Failed, even if nothing is so they don't have an xp disk, they have a 2000 disk. In short, if your Win2K installation is dead and you're not sure why, use the ERD to see whether restoring the original installation files will solve the problem.

It is very user friendly and a competent PC user will find it a breeze.

Using the Advanced Options Menu When you boot a Win2K server, the server recognizes the system hardware and presents you with the Boot menu. Last Known Good Configuration. and although you get admin privileges for that one machine, you will still be unable to access any network resources…so really this isn't a huge risk. I got a warning saying something like 'you are deleting a system partition and deleting this will remove any important programs used to boot' or whatever.

if an intruder gains physical access to my home server, then i have bigger problems than the fact that he can see my passwords -- like, for example, the fact that Jan 29, 2005 #4 nein Banned Posts: 109 diptendub said: Hello, I tried something similar, and got into a similar mess. 1. Print reprints Favorite EMAIL Tweet Please Log In or Register to post comments. The boot-disk includes stuff to access NTFS partitions and scripts to glue the whole thing together.

Background. I'd tried everything to get some crucial files from a drive that Windows said was corrupted, including putting the drive in the freezer and changing the circuit board from an identical Windows Password recovery www.loginrecovery.com This site provides a tool to recover lost Windows XP passwords. geeks?