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QUESTION NO. P90302-8: The image size of Tektronix TX-D1F63R monitor (Chassis Panasonic 21HV10S) is too big to fit screen as a sudden event. B+ is normal, Yoke drive OK. QUESTION NO.

QUESTION NO. You can get it from a local shop, laptop tech or just call Gateway, who eventually, will give you direction should you be under warranty.If you're not under warranty, do get QUESTION NO. This site is completely free -- paid for by advertisers and donations. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/can-anyone-help-fix-my-sony-crt-monitor-cpd-e200.375835/

Sony Drivers

When this happens the select buttons do not work. Related pot seems to be ok, no related circuit traces open; but H position , side effect, V size/position work all fine. Flyback checks out at 34.6KV, not sure about IC501 but has 1K.

  • Continue to press all four keys for the few minutes it takes to complete the boot-up.
  • Get out your esr meter and start checking.
  • I'm not into the habit of buying monitors on a yearly basis Reply With Quote Feb 11, 2002 #12 mbt View Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries View Articles Member

The coils in these burn also. SADنائب المشرف العامعدد المساهمات : 843تاريخ التسجيل : 16/06/2010موضوع: رد: Computer Monitor Repair الخميس مايو 26, 2011 4:05 am This chassis has a common problem, with C867 going bad, leaking Problems when switched on, picture goes on and off (probably HV too). P110402-4: Mag 570v monitor with transistor or FET shorted, FS12KM5, was wondering if there is a suitable cross for this.

and some others and about LCDs, they're not really ideal for graphics work and especially gaming because of ghosting and inaccurate color display. Sony Vaio Support Have the same monitor. Using a freeze mist spray seems to be a way out. https://esupport.sony.com/US/p/model-find.pl?mdl=CPD-E200&DIRECTOR=DOCS Q803 might be bad, or lack B+ on its collector, or its base drive may be missing.

I replaced the optocoupler, all the primary caps, IC601, IC604, D614, D612, D622, D654, R628, R630 and removed D608 but the problem still remains. P61402-7: Panasonic PL-70 monitor has no horizontal deflection. Inductor M3 usually will have shorts between some of its windings, if it is bad. Checked FET Q549 (drain), HOT Q550 (base) and B+ voltages.

Sony Vaio Support

CONTACT US v Member and topic Concerns Technical Concerns Administrator's Forum Advertising and Marketing   SPORTS & RECREATION Featured Articles Sports UAAP PBA PBA Section UAAP Section Discussions Sports Sports Zone http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/310124-33-vpcz115ga-sony-monitor-issue-ried-issue QUESTION NO. Sony Drivers If C335 was bad, it is possible that IC201 (TDA4858) was also damaged, and needs replacing; also check the value on R214 (15K). Sony Support Q881, Q549 & R890 are also ok.

Please note this is not the high pitched sound that CRTs are known to make when we turn them ON. QUESTION NO. A Sanken RP1H is a 2KV diode, and its forward voltage is 6 to 7 volts, so many meters will read it as open-circuit in the forward direction. I used the first NPN transistor I found and the screen fired up but the PSU made a squealing noise that is affected by width (ie goes away past the outter

Also, Q630 is fed from that supply, so check if Q630 is leaky/shorted, as well. If so, also check zener D603 for damage, and check components connecting to the photocoupler. The FBT is driven by Q831, but Q803 drives the horizontal yoke. Sometimes the fan's bearings just need lubrication; the pulse circuit also can go bad.

P92402-9: Acer 7277C monitor with the Horizontal Size control and Pincushion not working, all the other geometry controls are working perfectly, and it has R334 burned, don’t know the value. It is rated 1500 Vcbo, 800 Vceo, 8 Amps (15 Amp surge), 50 Watts, Tstg < 3 usec, Tfall <
0.2 usec, no internal damper diode. A 3KV-rated, and a high-quality dielectric type (X7R or Y5P), are best.

I usually find > about 1/2 dozen that are bad or nearly bad in that and similar Sony > models. > I don't have (or own) an ESR meter.

Also check the filter capacitor for good value and ESR. QUESTION NO. P73102-9: ctc203 monitor is dead. Could not find any other faulty components, but when I replaced it, the transistor promptly blew again, what other components could be responsible?

Also, a BSN254A or ZVN4424A (pinouts SGD instead of SDG) could work, if their leads are re-arranged. It can be used in-circuit too. Sign me up Support by Sony Get Support Content on the Go! P101102-2: KDS VS-7 monitor FCC evokd-1730 had a blown fuse.

Service Manuals, Requests, Repair Tips :: 08-31-2005 13:14 :: hartsa :: Replies: 0 :: Views: 1097 Looking for schematic of video monitor Sony SSM-930CE i'm looking for schematic Vido monitor sony Screen picture OK but only 1/3 in width. I am looking for info and possible replacement and/or datasheet for a HOT marked "SEC C5088". "SEC C5088" stands for Samsung Electronics Corporation 2SC5088 which many electronic supply stores can carry. P80702-1: Proview 770m monitor.

P100302-1: Sony CPD-200SX monitor shuts down after several hours of use, then cycles on and off, hear relays clicking with on off cycling. If all caps are good, try attaching a ferrite core around one or both ends of the video cable if no so equipped. HOT is Ok. Going into shutdown when signal applied.