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Can I Flash A Laptop Bios Without A Floppy?

I recently dug it out of trash and tried to resurrect it.. Full Review Crucial Storage Executive, Version 3.38 Reviewed by AlphaC Pros Provides SSD SMART Status , total TB written, firmware information (for all manufacturers) Shows overall drive health and model check you mobo's page. Then restart your computer and boot to the CD to run the BIOS flash utility. More about the author

make sure if it's inside a zip file that you only put the bios file in ONLY. It comes up with a screen that does not look like your screenshot in any way. Large vendors including Dell will use this way to distribute firmware updates to Linux. solved Updating the GB BIOS using a Floppy Disc Drive Updating bios W/O floppy drive? Get More Info

albeit it a bit different than the instructions. Retrieved from "https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php?title=Flashing_BIOS_from_Linux&oldid=461175" Category: Mainboards and BIOSHidden category: Pages with broken package links Navigation menu Views Page Discussion View source History Personal tools Create account Log in Navigation Main page Categories Select the CD drive and see if the computer will boot to the CD and load the BIOS flash utility.

  1. Ask a question and give support.
  2. If done correctly, PLoP Boot Manager will load up, giving a number of boot options.
  3. Maybe you can boot over the network (PXE).
  4. Then you use the -c option to select which rom is affected by the command # flashrom --programmer internal -c "CHIPNAME" -r backup_CHIPNAME.bin Write and verify the new BIOS image (proprietary
  5. Ask a question and give support.
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  7. Thanks everyone ! ~IM Nov 3, 2005 #11 Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837 +6 Use the Compaq software to create the BIOS floppy.
  8. martyjsAug 1, 2006, 7:35 PM All new Gigabyte boards can be flashed from Windows.
  9. My boot options were already set to CD first.
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that doesnt work too..Intially I was thinking that its the old Xp problem, where a XP installation gets stamped with hardware details..so if you take the HD out and put it June 8, 2011 Andrei perfect, i tried installing bodhilinux on an old pc, that didn't recognize my usb on boot. Thanks for voting! The only way we here have been able to flash a dead or corrupted BIOS, is by using a EPROM burner (a device made specificly for communicating with the BIOS chip

A list of hardware currently available in stable tree can be viewed here. If you need to flash your BIOS and your computer does not have a floppy drive, there are a couple options you could try to accomplish this task. I'm trin to format my desktop bt still i can't boot from cd-rom… I used the F12 key to boot from cd…bt when i select to boot from cd it shows Join the community here.

The only way we here have been able to flash a dead or corrupted BIOS, is by using a EPROM burner (a device made specificly for communicating with the BIOS chip I have a similar problem on a compaq Ipaq legacy free desktop.. It may be necessary to create the bootable stick on a different device. CAn you help me?

Worked like a charm on my IBM X30. Download the replacement BIOS from your motherboard's manufacturer. The only big factor here is if the BIOS will allow you to set it to one of the media's for boot purposes. Help answer questions Learn more 153

How can solw the problem thanks December 10, 2010 Sajjad Oh Great I used it's nice but what to do when OS is corrupted I think you will think about it November 7, 2011 studyete I don't have CD or Floppy, that's why i want to install XP from usb, i've made my usb flash drive. It's designed for desktops, but this project is also usable on phones, tablets and on headless servers. plus various flavours of rescue disk! … that's quite a lot of cd's burned & often binned shortly afterwards.

I burned the .iso to a DVD and booted it. EditRelated wikiHows How to Reset Your BIOS How to Change Computer BIOS Settings How to Update Your Computer's BIOS How to Repair Corrupted BIOS Firmware How to Reset a BIOS Password Follow this guy's advice Rep+ Reply Reply post #6 of 12 2/9/08 at 12:58am wheth4400 *cough* Stock *cough* Joined: Jan 2007 Location: Jacksonville, FL Posts: 2,063 Rep: 118 click site Would like to know the theory and source code behind the application.

you only need like a 30mb one tops for bios flashing, that's what i used before i had an A drive. He can use another motherboard, it doesnt even need to be the same model, and flash the bios on the fly. Thankfully the floppy still survives so this helped me immensely.

Check the manufacturers homepage to see if they support the feature or not.

Setup the BIOS to boot from the USB key and your done. How to upgrade bios without floppy how to install a new bios to a computer that will only update through floppy How to flash ASUS P5VD2-MX (AWARD BIOS) without a floppy Usage Find out if your motherboard and chipset (internal) is supported by flashrom at this website. Before it had the option to boot from the usb but I half installed windows from my usb and the battery ran out, now the bios no longer gives the option

This method is gaining popularity with computer manufacturers, because it reduces the possibility of user error. October 15, 2010 Tylor Lavoie For me all I get is ………………………….._ on my boot screen. Install syslinux and copy memdisk and your image to /boot: cp /usr/lib/syslinux/memdisk /boot cp FDOEM.144 /boot/flashbios.img Now add an entry to /boot/grub/menu.lst: title Flash BIOS kernel /memdisk initrd /flashbios.img Or for flashrom tries to detect if a machine is a laptop, but not all laptops follow the standard, so this is not 100% reliable.[1] Installation Install the flashrom or flashrom-svnAUR package.

I was bummed out thinking it wasn't going to work. May 15, 2010 Trevor Bekolay @ThisNameIsFalse It certainly does seem that way, but the BIOS being displayed in this example is VMWare's, which does not list USB devices in the Removable The only big factor here is if the BIOS will allow you to set it to one of the media's for boot purposes. Tips BIOS updates can be found on the manufacturer website.

F10 and F12 are common hotkeys for displaying this bootable device list. As the name implies, FreeDOS is a free, open source, binary-compatible replacement for MS-DOS. Login now. Any questions?

Terms of Use Privacy Policy Licensing Advertise International Editions: US / UK India Overclock.net Join Overclock.net Home Forums News Gaming Reviews Rigbuilder Search My Profile Forgot Password? Shut down the system and turn it back on with the USB key plugged in. 3. You should test the hard drive with an utility from the manufacturer. OS not found.I have tried installing linux--in which case it brings up grub sometimes..but cant make it go furthur..lilo doesnt work altogether..same error..

I've been told other ppl have seen this before (on other hardware/softwares) and been able to fix it with a BIos update.. For me the Compaq site gives a BIOS update..But I have to figure out how to get it in without the services of a floppy (USB doesnt work.. The Drivves shoes up as empty and gets skipped in my boot process. Usually there is minimal user input required. 2 Create your own bootable CD image.

If using the GRUB method, choose the new entry on the list, and it should boot into FreeDOS. And when i use rawwrite sotware, it demand floppy drive.. As for ur sugegstion..