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Can I Use Sdram On A Ddr Mobo

Hovsep A September 17, 2013 at 12:00 pm According to the manual http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c01714937.pdf 1) 2 SODIMM slots 2) Supports up to 4 GB of system RAM 3) PC2-6400 800-MHz, DDR2 4) No liability is assumed for any damages. What is the difference between SDRAM and RDRAM? Bycompwiz · 8 replies Dec 17, 2003 I currently have 256mb of SDRAM PC133 on my machine. http://linux4newbie.com/can-i/can-i-run-a-geforce4-on-an-old-mobo.html

Many newer computers use double data rate or "quad-pumped" front side busses. What might NOT be so simple is putting a heatsink snuggly on. Rambus DRAM modules are known as RIMM modules (Rambus inline memory modules). Jul 29, 2006 Add New Comment You need to be a member to leave a comment.

The fact is there's no such thing as dual-channel memory. Already have an account? Micron uses six- and twelve-inch wafers in its fabrication processes. Chip characteristics[edit] DRAM density Size of the chip is measured in megabits.

To those seeking to push the performance envelope, that 10 percent can be very important.  So the next time you come across a product that's touted and sold as dual-channel memory, there is a few(very few) motherboards with ddr slots and sdram slots. However, the processor manufacturers need to begin making CPUs that take advantage of DDR SDRAM capabilities before you see a significant increase in your system’s performance. If you don't know a lot about memory, the numbers can be confusing.

This numbertells us how many bytes can be transferred per second between the memory controller and the memory module, assuming that data will be transferred on every single clock pulse. Circuits are developed, tested by simulation, and perfected on computer systems before they are actually built. Check your system manual or look up your system in the Crucial Memory Advisor to find the memory guaranteed to be 100 percent compatible or your money back!   What is For this reason, Micron engineers place significant effort on correctly designing the PCB.

If the computer was a desktop, I would say unless you wish to upgrade the motherboard, stick with DDR2. Of all the steps your memory module goes through, this is the fastest. Often if the Heatsink has been attached well with a nice layer of Artic silver or other thermal compound then it should stay stuck to the CPU. Module sizes will vary depending on the chip's configuration (SIMM, DIMM, Memory type, etc.).

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  • The onboard graphics and sound usually raise the cost of the board.

Occasionally DDR is referred to as "DDR400" or "DDR333," for example. DDR SDRAM for notebook computers, SO-DIMMs, have 200 pins, which is the same number of pins as DDR2 SO-DIMMs. DDR3 advances extended the ability to preserve internal clock rates while providing higher effective transfer rates by again doubling the prefetch depth. The metal mask is used to define the aluminum layer leaving a fine network of thin metal connections or wires.

Physical DDR layout Comparison of memory modules for portable/mobile PCs (SO-DIMM). Dec 17, 2003 #2 Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837 +6 Yup, at best you can take out your SDRAM and put in DDRAM if your mobo has both types of As a result, Rambus memory is able to achieve effective data transfer speeds of 800MHz and higher. There are, however, dual-channel platforms.  When properly used, the term "dual channel" refers to the DDR or DDR2 chipset on certain motherboards designed with two memory channels instead of one.

ECC modules multiply it by 8/9 because they use one bit per byte for error correction. SDRAM only carries information on the rising edge of a signal. DDR memory was designed to be backward compatible so generally speaking, you can safely add faster memory to your computer. However, DDR SDRAM will perform the alternating request-and-reply rhythm on both the rise and fall of the clock cycle.

PC2100 (DDR266) memory, PC2700 (DDR333) memory, and PC3200 (DDR400) memory are all types of Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM. This makes for a much longer distance for the signal to travel. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Licensing Advertise International Editions: US / UK India Register Help Remember Me?

The name "double data rate" refers to the fact that a DDR SDRAM with a certain clock frequency achieves nearly twice the bandwidth of a SDR SDRAM running at the same

In some cases, the number is rounded off. That's not necessarily a problem in an environment where data transactions involve lengthy streams of data, such as gaming. It says 766 MB usable ( which I think is because part of it goes to being the graphics card). In newer systems using SDRAM or DDR SDRAM memory, you can use modules of different densities with no problem.

Rambus memory sends less information on the data bus (which is 18 bits wide as opposed to the standard 32 or 64 bits) but it sends data more frequently. In addition, as DDR SDRAM becomes more widely used, the prices should continue to fall.A word of caution about DDR SDRAMBefore you rush out and buy a new DDR SDRAM-compatible motherboard As a result, your computer will set aside a portion of the main system memory for the integrated graphics processor, reducing the actual amount of memory available to the rest of Once you drop it, push the lever down until it is tight..

The PCB is a critical part of the memory module. I have never had a Motherboard with straight line ram addressing for the entire range. And no matter what type of memory you use, more is typically better.