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Can You Hide BBCode Tags In Internet Explorer / Opera Etc?

Enjoy! A step-by-step tutorial would be best. Please follow these steps: Login, go to your admin site Go to 'Dashboard' - 'Appearance' - 'Widgets' Drag the Element 'Text - Arbitrary text or HTML' to the sidebar Copy the This will create a signature name "Signature #1" and it will be the default signature, by default. navigate to this website

Information on Cookies set by this Forum About What software is used for this forum? On the right frame of the window, you should find a choice named "Manage Newsgroup Subscriptions". ACP: [Feature] Color bbcode : Colour picker : Now we have 4 options: phpBB style Default Drop Down Menu “fancy” selector “Tigra” color picker [Feature] Highlight bbcode : Colour picker : You will be able to control many aspects and access member features from this central menu.Back to Top Forum Times and Dates are not set to my local time The time

Follow the instructions in the photos page to upload pictures and distribute the photos from your staging area to your albums. What are Emoticons (Smilies) Can I post images? If you don’t care, the fill in anything you want.

Can I change my rank? For full functionality we recommend that you use Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, Opera 9+, and Netscape 9+. But, all IRC clients support some basic settings. How can I center the widget on my page?

Ranks in the forums indicate which user group you are a member of and to identify users, for example, moderators and administrators may have a special rank. You will now be prompted to enter a News Server password. You don't need to install a Wordpress plugin. Cookie Privacy Notice What are Cookies?

There are multiple ways to configure signatures in Windows Live Mail. This website requires JavaScript. Visit the IRC support channel on freenode. However, by registering you will be able to use additional features.

  • If you want to use your custom BBcode instead of ABBC3's do the following: Go to the Custom BBcodes page in the ACP and write down the settings for the custom
  • This will open a pop-up window to configure the settings to connect to the VROC news server. 2.
  • MATHCOUNTS Trainer Reaper Greed Control Articles AoPS Wiki TeXeR JavaScript is not enabled.

Scroll down to the account name you used for your VROC news account> Check the check box next to the VROC account name and then select the "OK" button. 7. To make sure that you have an equal chance of appearing on the home page, make sure that the first photo in your first album primarily contain good images of your In Opera, {code} tags would word wrap nicely, allowing me to see the entire code block; http://i.imgur.com/AhJJwHH.jpg However, in Firefox the {code} tag doesn't wrap and gives me a horizontal scrollbar; Find the item with the bbcode_tag youtube and click the pencil icon to edit it Locate the field "abbcode" and change that value to 0, and click the go/submit button Go

Also, because a majority of members still preferred the news server and mail lists, we created software to tie the facilities together so that members could post and receive posts via It's available for RevolverMaps Standard and RevolverMaps Plain. A dropdown box will be displayed. Such large messages have a drastic impact on how well the newsgroups operate for all our users.

Calendar System What is the Calendar System? If you have registered and still are unable to login then first check that you have all cookies enabled on your web browser, you may need to add this web site Cookie Privacy Notice What are Cookies? my review here After you have logged in, select "Control Panel" on the upper right side of the forums web page.

Open Outlook Express and select Tools> Accounts 2. code, pre { white-space:pre-wrap !important; word-wrap:break-word !important; } Then you need to add the code selector as well.

code, pre { white-space:pre-wrap !important; word-wrap:break-word !important; }
brknsoul Posted 2/23/15, 2:48 PM Repeat the process described in step 4, except, enter your signature text in the Edit Signature field before selecting Apply.

You can have up to 5 different Classified Entries active on the site at any one time, each of which will remain visible on the site for two weeks from the

Next, to the right of the "Signatures" box, select "New". Check the Remember Password check box. Enter only your number, without any quotes or -R designations. Fill in your email address.

Usually, you will make no changes here. Check the "Remember Password" check box. In the Account Wizard window, select "Newsgroup Account", then select the "Next" button at the bottom of the window. RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is a technology using XML that allows web sites to syndicate web site content.

You're done. Create the Map here, if you want to use the Button create it here, make sure you've chosen 'HTML-Map' respectively 'HTML-Button' as the code version. in a forum you may first need permission which only a forum moderator or a forum administrator can grant you.Back to Top My post is not displayed, is 'Hidden', or 'Pending A new wizard will start showing News Accounts and Subscriptions.

Don't forget the # sign. (Optional) If you want Visual IRC to use the VROC server as the default, access the Configuration menu and select the VROC server in the drop-down Use the Options => General Preferences menu item to access the settings. wwf20fID - This cookie is used for Private Forums that require a password in order to login. I cannot send Private Messages I cannot send Private Messages to some users How can I prevent someone from sending me Private Messages RSS Feeds What is an RSS Feed?

You can use this forum with almost any web browser that supports XHTML and JavaScript. I'm hoping the new member-based photo album feature will work better all around.On the photo upload page it says, in bright red letters so you can't miss it, that "Posting of Once you've installed it, you'll need to configure it so that you can connect to the private VROC IRC server. Select the "Finish" button on the lower right side of the pop-up window. 7.

Lost Passwords I Registered in the past but can't login User Preferences and Forum Settings How do I change my forum settings? Back to Top Changes in 3.0.8 General: [Change] Separated JavaScript code from .html files : Common files are now style independent abbcode_header.html posting_abbcode_buttons.js posting_abbcode_wizards.js [Change] Optimized code : Don't load unnecessary Apart from that the only function that need extra javascript is the fade tag. The Team Find out who is responsible for all the mayhem.

However, by registering you will be able to use additional features. Below are instructions for both newsgroup / mailing list users, as well as those using the webforum. However, if those of you who use these access methods want to take up a collection and hire me to do the job, I'll be very happy to take on the