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Cannot Find The PCI Clock Setting In BIOS To Lock At 33mhz For An Overclock

anarklover04-05-2006, 03:17 PM2560mb stick of RAM ?? i think PCI express should be at 100mhz i had this happen on my old barton sys when i 1st got into O/Cing i mistakeingly got a mobo that didnt have Edit: Earlier according to SpeedFan and PC Wizard 2005, my PSU temperature was 44C. I put the CPU settings back to default at 3.0GHz and the ethernet card is detected again. get redirected here

A 400MHz memory clock corresponds to an effective memory data rate of 800MHz. (This 2:1 ratio between the base memory clock and the data rate holds true for all DDR memory becoz the bios has no settings to lock it solved [Urgent] Cant find pci lock And graphics card is stuck Asus A7N8X-E deluxe pci bus locked at 33mhz that is a There are many good stress programs, but I personally like this one HotCPU (http://7byte.com/index.php?page=hotcpu). insufficient power to the cpu [how much voltage are you giving it?] 3.

When to overclocking: Your sytem is starting to lag behind and you are receiving 40fps in some games and an overclock seems like a viable solution to get a few months i have2 gts 250s so be careful. Once unstable, now you need to make some tough decisions: loosen the timings, drop the frequency, or increase the voltage.

  • I've heard some didn't even program the top divider supported by> the chipset, but i don't know this for a fact.
  • whats bad is if you overclock with one program then overclock with another at the same time..
  • Maybe if a new topic was made??
  • So all we gotta do now is wait for T Rush and see what he thinks and see what hes gonna change :P hehehehe rotNdude04-02-2006, 03:13 PMYou didn't change your OC
  • It does tend to get hot in my room so I left the windows and case open for the mean time.
  • Cooling?
  • EDIT: wheres the CMOS on a laptop?
  • Once again, be very careful with how much you increase it (on this mobo, 1.5V is as high as you should go).
  • anarklover04-24-2006, 03:36 AMyep :) ive put all his stuff in there and well i left my stuff in there too..
  • I see the "PCIE frequency" (pci express) , which I have locked at 100mhz, but I see no option for PCI frequency.

anarklover04-10-2006, 01:51 AMok that may be the case now.. what cpu? Not a good idea. lol yer ive dont that before..

all_purpose_box04-05-2006, 06:00 PMOriginally posted by T Rush for overclocking nVidia GFX cards the drivers nvidia uses have overclocking built in...so there you also don't need to use any programs at all...the MaFi0s004-01-2006, 06:54 PMOriginally posted by picartman u know what would be the best program ever? Now once you get up to 200Mhz and a 6> divider going to 233MHz and leaving the diveider at 6 would only put the> PCI bus at 38.8, which might be Hardware Dept.04-24-2006, 03:07 AMoh...is this now updated with some Intel smack from notRude?

loll Reply With Quote Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Quick Navigation Intel CPUs Top Site Areas Settings Private Messages Subscriptions Who's Online Search Forums Forums Home i say do it again and have a poll anarklover04-12-2006, 03:13 PMHrm y er i know where your coming from T Rush... A)Here are a few sites: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overclocking http://www.extremeoverclocking.com/ http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=1804 http://www.overclock.net/ http://www.overclockersclub.com/ http://www.ocia.net/ http://www.sysopt.com/systemdb/overclock/ http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/000908.html http://compreviews.about.com/od/cpus/l/aaOverclock.htm http://www.webopedia.com/didyouknow/computer_science/2005/overclocking.asp http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/ http://www.overclockingwiki.org/ http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,2271796,00.asp http://www.pcguide.com/opt/oc/index.htm http://www.hothardware.com/ http://www.extremeoverclocking.com/articles/overclocking/cpu_overclocking.html http://www.liquidninjas.com/ http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/2007/07/25/overclocking_intel_core_2_quad_q6600/1 http://www.legionhardware.com/document.php?id=729 http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/102 http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=gethowto&howtoID=76 http://www.firingsquad.com/hardware/amd_athlon_64_fx-70/ http://www.techarp.com/showarticle.aspx?artno=484 http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2284538,00.asp http://computershopper.com/howto/overclock-your-desktop-200709 http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-overclocking.htm solved Different PCI-E lock Cap lock light always on.

The best thing to do is always run some RAM benchmarks using different frequencies and timings to see where the performance is achieved. EG ur information for my hard earned cash... r u serious.......... |2ob04-05-2006, 04:57 PMyea, he didn't say anything about my computer being screwed up, if I find out who you are I will sue you! This is done by pressing (generally) the DEL key on your keyboard at the POST. (some motherboards require you to press F1, F2, F3,...........

yer theres a few mistakes in my intel section i know.. Get More Info LordDemonithese04-05-2006, 08:50 PMOriginally posted by |2ob yea, he didn't say anything about my computer being screwed up, if I find out who you are I will sue you! This will read all the micro codes off of your CPU, RAM, and other hardware on your motherboard and load their default settings so that they can be used. anarklover04-09-2006, 01:52 AMBUMP ^^^^ picartman04-09-2006, 02:09 AMyeah i did reformat and i did activate windows but ehhh lets just say that right after that, everything went to hell -_- just go

picartman04-01-2006, 06:56 PMor the uber program would restart and reset cmos automatically :) anarklover04-01-2006, 06:56 PMlol i dont think that will work very well ;) when it reaches a unstable setting anarklover04-01-2006, 06:37 PMPhew... and if you do still consider overclocking, lock the pci/agp, change the ram settings so that they're lower and increase the cpu speed. useful reference all your devices feed off of it. [or most do anyways.

This 1000mhz comes from the 200mhz bus and the default 5x LTD. IMAGE (http://images.planetamd64.com/phatsob/dangerden/pump.jpg) This is a very high quality "DangerDen" water pump designed for the pc. heatpipe coolers are generally upright and help keep the airflow natural and consistant throughout your case.

How can I remove the card?

Sometimes, these options are even enabled by default. under hardware.. For example, I have never heard of a 4x multi and there are many Intels that won't let you change the multi. Cut it up, slice it any way you want, and throw darts at it from any direction, I don't mind.

Air Cooling Air cooling consists of your basic (or not so basic) heatsink and fan combinatation. FAQ Note: I will not accept responsibilty to whatever damage first time or pro oveclockers may do to their hardware! Although, when I went anything past that speed, Windows would boot properly and everything seemed stable/fine but I noticed it wasn't connecting to the internet. http://linux4newbie.com/cannot-find/cannot-find-rundll32-exe.html This is very unlikely and will only occur with inpatience and rushing.

anarklover04-04-2006, 10:38 PMOriginally posted by rotNdude I think you need to work on the Intel CPU overclocking section.